Increased Mobility: Social Media


Mobile-Social-Media-Networks1.jpgImage Source

Furthering my discussion on Frances Cairncross’ trend of increased mobility I will now focus on how it relates to the use of social media. Social media is currently the most used form of social networking out there today. It is difficult to imagine going a day or even a week without checking my phone and seeing what the world around me is doing. We have access to social media sites and apps at all hours of the day thanks to our handheld devices. Even when were not connected to Wi-Fi we can use our cellular data to connect us to our favorite apps.

According to the released comScore Report, social media consumption on-the-go has become more than just necessary for most people. Smartphones are the preferred and dominant form of access to social networking sites. Not only does social media allow us to view and connect over the internet with other people but we can call and or text someone through a social media app. If we look back at Cairncross’s guide it is stated that “Satellite transmission will allow people to use a single mobile telephone anywhere.” Thanks to this trend and the innovative technology from Apple Cairncross was completely correct regarding this trend.

As I was looking into our current generations addiction with social media, I came across comScore Mobile Metrix data and through research they found that usage of social networking platforms has become nearly universal. In May 2015, almost 90% of the U.S. digital media population visited social networks, which accounted for more than 300 billion minutes of users’ attention. I was blown away with this statistic and how much of our attention each day is solely dedicated to our smartphones, computers, and tablets. I don’t think Cairncross’ ever predicted that the population around the world was going to become so invested with how our life’s and others were being viewed on social media versus in reality.

us-blog-average-smartphone-minutes_reference.pngImage Source

What I find most interesting with social media is how and for what reason does everyone use a specific site. For me, I use four main networking platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Facebook keeps me connected to my sorority here on FSU’s campus. We have many different pledge class pages that keep us update with current news regarding our house and nationals. I use Instagram mainly for the sole purpose of leisure. I like to post “artsy” and “fun” pictures of my life and follow all my friends to see what in their life is their highlight. Twitter I used to use for fun but now I strictly use it for my internship as I help run the sports twitter feeds for different FSU on-campus sports. Out of all these apps, I find Snapchat to be the most fun for me because I can privately be weird with my snap friends or keep in touch minute by minute with my friends on the feed page. I came across the infographic below that gives a brief snapshot of statistics data of the active social media users.

social-media-networks.pngImage Source

Although social media is currently the predominate choice of how most humans spend their leisure time or to distract them throughout the day, it is very interesting to see what preferred network is viewed primarily on everyone’s smartphone. I would like to look more into the different digital behaviors of our generation and to see if our geographic, demographic location, and or type of device access effects why we use a preferred site.

What digital platform seems to grab your attention most? Do you think we will continue to stay addicted this next decade or is this just a phase?




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